Looking for a job? Living in, or around, Carleton Place? Under thirty?

You’re in the right place!

Take a look around, we have information and ideas to help you with your job search, career planning, and more.



You will need a résumé to apply for jobs, you may also need a cover letter Start by identifying your transferable skills. There are two main résumé styles, chronological and functional, use a template or build your own. Watch the video below to help you get started.

New Jobs

Getting a job is one thing, keeping a job is another. Many young people struggle with their first job because they did not know what to expect. Check out the video below for tips on how to be successful at a new job.


Interviews can take many forms, but they all are a means to the same goal…to find the right person for the job. As the job seeker, you will need to convince them that you are the right fit. The video below will help prepare you for job interviews.


Training comes in all shapes and sizes. Watch the video below to learn about different training pathways, and develop an understanding of how to gain the skills and knowledge that you need to get the job that you want.

Where to look for jobs

  • Apply directly to places that you would like to work – don’t forget to research the company first.
  • Apply to jobs that you think are a good fit. Use online applications, and research contact information for Hiring Managers. Most retail stores in Carleton Place and Almonte will accept in-person applications.
  • Search for jobs using job search websites and local job boards – find some links below.
  • Network with your friends and family – let them know you are job seeking and ask for ideas.
  • Employment strategies can be different for different people. Contact us for more job search ideas and information, or drop by our Resource Centre.

We recommend these job search websites…